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The Benefits Of Treadmill Workouts

Why treadmill workouts are so good for you

Why use a treadmill?

When it comes to exercise, most people like to run or walk because these are natural activities for us humans. They can have practical applications, such as getting from one place to another.

They require less gear than many other forms of exercise (although you can spend a bundle on shoes, clothes and other accessories if you really wanted).

And walking or running are great forms of exercise. They burn calories, work many muscle groups and strengthen cardiovascular components in the body. Walking is one of the best or perhaps the only feasible form of exercise for people with diseases such as osteoporosis, hypertension and chronic back pain.

Walking doesnít require a lot of technical know-how or instruction. We already know how to do it, and a few pointers about heart rate and breathing will at least get us on the road. In general, walking and running are easy and convenient ways to improve health and fitness. A home treadmill adds to this overall appeal.

According to the Sporting Goods Manufacturers Association, over 40 million consumers purchase treadmills yearly and the number continues to grow. Treadmills account for over 1/3 of all home exercise equipment sales.

So why do so many people choose treadmills and how do they compare to stair machines, stationary bikes and other home fitness equipment?

Ease and convenience of using a treadmill

The primary reason people use a treadmill is convenience. It allows you to exercise even when the weather is bad or the fitness center is closed. You can exercise in the early morning or after dinner or whenever the mood strikes you.

You can read, watch TV, talk with friends, or listen to music or audiotapes while you exercise on a treadmill. You can keep an eye on your kids, wait for files to download, take care of dinner or the laundry and even meditate, think through problems or make grocery lists.

For people who need to stay in the office until quitting time  or prefer to exercise in the privacy of their own homes, a treadmill is the perfect workout choice!.

Another reason people prefer treadmills is because you can just hop on and walk without a great deal of preparation. And even if you donít work terribly hard at it, you'll still accomplish something.

But todayís modern treadmills make it very easy to program in workout routines that simulate hills or vary speeds to enhance the effectiveness of your workout or challenge you to work harder and improve. The control panels are typically user friendly and many machines have built in heart rate monitors.

Working out with a treadmill provides several advantages over running or walking outside, and it is often easier and less expensive than other types of home exercise equipment. But how does using a treadmill compare in terms of pure cardiovascular workout and calorie burning?

Treadmills expend more calories

According to a study done by the Medical College of Wisconsin and the VA Medical Center in Milwaukee, a person using a treadmill for 60 minutes burns an average of 865-705 calories. Check that against other common exercise equipment:

  • Stair machine: 637- 746 calories
  • Rowing machine: 606-739 calories  
  • Stationary bicycle: 595-604 calories 
  • Cross-country ski machine: 595-678 calories 
As you can see, treadmills offer one of the most effective workouts you can get for losing weight and keeping it off!

With a treadmill, if you want to work harder, you simply increase the incline angle or the speed. This is usually done with a push of the button. This makes varying your treadmill workouts very easy.


Many people who work out do so because they know they should, not because they actually enjoy doing it. Sure, you feel good after you complete your workout, but sometimes getting and staying motivated can be a bit difficult.

And if you are going to put in the time required to get regular workouts, you want to know that what youíre doing is actually helping you burn calories and become more fit.

Treadmills rank at the top of the list when it comes to home fitness equipment, providing one of the most effective workouts in proportion to the amount of time spent. So make your movements count. Use a treadmill.

About the Author:

C.J. Gustafson is a successful writer for Fitness-n-Exercise-Equipment.com.

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