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Traveling To Spain: A Craft Lover's Paradise

If you love crafts and you plan to travel to Spain, you're in for a real treat! Spain has long been known for her many gifted artisans. Most Spanish crafts are very distinctive with bright colors and old-world designs. Your trip to Spain simply won't be complete unless you take the time to visit a few of the major crafting locations.

When traveling to Spain be sure to visit:
  • Sargadelos (in Galicia) - Avant-garde Spanish crafting schools have made this beautiful area a haven for those seeking fine ceramic crafts with a modern flair. Any crafting trip to Spain should begin here.

  • Talavera de la Reina - Here you will find numerous varieties of ceramics made in the more conservative and traditional Spanish styles.

  • Valencia - The Manises school of ceramics is famous for its crystal glasses with a distinctive metallic sheen. These pieces are true wonders to behold, and they're easily carried along with you as you continue your travels throughout Spain. You will also find wonderfully crafted traditional wooden furniture in the local area surrounding Valencia.

  • Castilla y Leon - You'll find more unique handcrafted furniture here as well as exquisite traditional Spanish crafts.

  • Granada, Caceres, and Murcia - Authentic Spanish hand-woven rugs abound in these areas. Colorful with  an old-world charm, these rugs are all made by hand and are in very high demand the world over. These rugs can easily justify a trip to Spain all by themselves.

  • Castile - The decorative iron crafts of Castile reflect the centuries-old history of Spain.

  • Andalucia - This beautiful region holds the mother lode for the craft lover! Here you'll find guitars, fine furniture, glassware, pottery, marble, metalwork, leatherwork, wicker, weaving, gold and silverwork. You could spend a week in Andalucia and still not see everything there is to see there.

It's recommended that you plan your trip to Spain based upon your individual interests. No matter which genre of crafts suits your fancy, the memories and mementos of your Spanish travels will stay with you forever!

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