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Timeshares: Affordable Family Vacations

Enjoy a great vacation and save money with Timeshares!

One industry that always seems to endure a recession is the timeshare business. While the hotel industry has recently been depressed, timeshares have rebounded. Since its beginning in the 1970s in the US, timeshares have historically fared very well during recessions.

In fact, during the during the economic downturn of the early 1990s, timeshares enjoyed a very respectable 15% growth rate. In short, timeshares do well under all economic conditions.

Many experts believe that most American consumers have re-evaluated their values and priorities, and are now more focused on reconnecting with their families and looking for high-quality, yet affordable vacations now and in the future.

Another travel pattern that emerged following the September 2001 events is an increasing number of Americans driving to vacations closer to home.

As airlines continue to reduce international flights to meet the lower demand and increased ticket prices, many budget-conscious families have begun enjoying vacations closer to home and are considering timeshare ownership as a way to save money. 

"On one full tank of gas, budget-conscious families can enjoy a luxury destination without compromising on the amenities," says Joe Martori, CEO of ILX Resorts.

"Unlike a rental cottage or hotel room, which require payment for each use with ever increasing rates, timeshares allow people to enjoy vacations forever with a one-time purchase price and affordable annual maintenance fees."

Timeshare packages vary a great deal from company to company. Timeshare unit prices, accommodations, flexibility, and a good location are all options that you need to consider before deciding on a timeshare.

For example, many timeshare owners can use their vacation period at any of the timeshare company's resorts. 

Purchasing a timeshare is an excellent way to be assured that your family can affordably enjoy great vacations for many years to come!

Article courtesy of ILX Resorts.

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