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Should Teens Have Cell Phones?

Are teens and cell phones a good match?

Let the debate begin: should teenagers have cell phones? Well, you will be pleased to know that over 94% of parents agree that cellular phones are good for teens according to a survey conducted by AT&T with parents and teens in Los Angeles and New York.

Most teens have their very first cell phones by the age of 15 and in many cases 13. Like with all mod cons teenagers want them but they should be used in a practical manner.

The cell phone bill

Paying for the cellular phone is one thing, but the on-going costs thereafter tends to cost some friction in households. If you are the parent who insists that your son or daughter has a cell phone, then understandably you should be willing to pay the bill if itís within reason.

On the other hand, teens who insist on having a cell phone should pay at least part of the bill with their weekly allowance. Teens who are left without any supervision on "billed" phones will run amok and it will be you who foots out the bill.

Even if you have the money to pay the bill monthly no matter how high you should draw the line, you may not always be there to pay for everything.

Prepaid cell phones are a good idea to keep the expense down, the calls are more expensive to make on these phones but you can only make the calls once the credit is there. It is a great way for teenagers to learn about financial management of their own bills.

Teenagers and camera phones

Camera cell phones are more popular with teens for the obvious reasons. Itís easy to use and fool around with and letís face it they are harmless fun. But there is a downside to having a camera phone: the ongoing cost.

If the phone is prepaid, itís simple: you can only send friends photos when you have the available credit, but if the phone is linked to monthly bill payments camera phones are by far the more expensive to operate.

If your teen insists on sending SMS via the camera phone, why not encourage them to do so through email. Simply connect the phone to the PC via a USB cable (normally supplied with the phone), upload the photoís and with broadband in most areaís email is much less expensive.

What are the main reasons parents buy cell phones for their teens?

Knowing that your son or daughter is safe and sound is priceless. If they ever need your help you're just a phone call away. With many late teens driving, cell phones are a necessity. Letís face it - most cannot even change a flat tire.

Please keep in mind that if you allow your teen a cell phone in the car, make sure you or they purchase a hands free kit or earpiece. Teenagers have lots of things to talk about and they can get so wrapped up in conversation that the driving aspect takes a backseat. For just a few more dollars you can play it safe.

Trusting your teen with a cell phone

We live in a world of technology, and itís going to keep growing at a rapid pace. Remember that all teenagers are curious. Once you have gotten over the argument of bill payment your teen will be fine. They may overindulge on the first bill or two, but taking the cell phone away from them for a day or two will teach them the importance of money management.

With a cell phone, you will always know where they are, and the sound of their voice on the other end of the phone will put your mind at ease.

Cellular phone family plans help keep costs down

Family plans from cell phone carriers such as AT&T are ideal if there is more than one phone in the household. It helps keep the overall costs down and maximizes the free talk-time minutes per month.

Be aware that if one person is not using up the free minutes the other can before they are lost. Some cell phone carriers offer "rollover minutes". Rollover minutes allow all the used free minutes from one month travel over to the next so you are not losing out.

Cingular offered rollever minutes, and since they merged with AT&T, AT&T customers can take advantage of them too. But remember, the onus is on you to request them!

About the Author:

Declan Tobin is a successful freelance writer providing advice for consumers on purchasing a variety of prepaid phone plans which includes prepaid cell phone plans, carriers, and more! His numerous articles provide a wonderfully researched resource of interesting and relevant information for all of your phone interests and needs.

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