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How To Make Wooden Tea Light Candle Holders

Make attractive tea light candles holders from your old blocks of wood!

You can use your old blocks of wood to make attractive Tea Light Candle Holders!

To make these, you need to make a flat bottom hole so that your tea light fits properly. The easiest way to drill this hole is to use a Forstner bit the size just a bit larger than the tea light itself. To keep your work perfectly flat and for correct drilling depth, I would suggest using a drill press - an 8" is fine.

Depending on how big your piece of wood is, you can make one or many tea light holders. I've made one's as large as 11 tea lights.

Once you've finished drilling, sand your wood several times using from 100 to 325 grit paper.

Wipe your wood clean from dust and apply whatever finish you desire. I particularly like oil finishes with several coats of polyurethane to seal it.

Make sure you use tea lights that are in a metal container.

Allow to dry for 12 hours, and your tea light candle holder is ready to use!

About the Author:

Byron Pulsifer is one of the authors of A Simple Life - A journey to a simple life and a frugal lifestyle.

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