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The 7 Words Of Success

The key to achieving success is understanding these 7 words

In any walk of life, sport, business, family life, etc, there are always going to be times when you feel like throwing in the towel. Its human nature, we do not enjoy conflict, lack of progress, always finishing runner up.

The 7 words of success are simple and simply cannot be underestimated:

ďNever give up! Never, never give up!"

Historians say that Churchillís exploits in the second world war is the best testimony to these words. When the whole world thought that Britain were doomed, by adopting a never say die attitude they eventually prevailed. I think what start up businessís need to digest here is that success is very much possible but...

  1. You are always are going to go through rough times and you need to accept this fact immediately.
  2. When rough times strike, you need to react to the situation correctly.
It is a common fact that all the entrepreneurs making it on the internet today are not the best marketers, they are not the best web designers and not the best business people. In basic terms they are making it because they are the ones that want it the most.

Whatever you do in life, its not how good and talented you are in any given area, it inevitably comes down to how badly you want it. Drive and dogged determination are huge traits that entrepreneurs have in the modern age. They thrive on challenges, determined that the challenges wont get the better of them. In time like Churchill, they overcome them.

If you are going out on your own for the first time online, I suggest choosing a business where a team is incorporated. There are a multitude of programs where you can still have your own home business but will also work as part of a team.

Here, if rough times strike, at least you will have more than one head to tap into to solve the problem. When you are more experienced and would like to do something off your own back, you can always start another venture where maybe the risk in the start-up period would be greater.

Nobody says that online business is easy. Like everywhere there is a lot of competition and a lot of marketing work must be done in order to drive potential customers to your web site. Donít expect big returns in this period and donít let lack of income affect your drive for your business.

Itís absolutely imperative in these times to keep working diligently on your plan believing that your present work is simply future investment. The real question that each individual must ask themselves internally is how far you will go and how determined you are to succeed in creating your own business. If the answer is positive, believe me you are half way there already.

About the Author:

Author Jack Foley works from home in Ireland. For more articles and information about Jack's home business, visit him at www.residual-income-home-based-business.com.

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