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Stone Mountain, GA

Visit Stone Mountain, the largest rock in Georgia!

Georgia's Stone Mountain is a geological wonder. Covering 583 acres and rising 825 feet into the air, it is the largest single chunk of exposed granite in the world. It is quite literally the largest rock in the state of Georgia!

Stone Mountain, GA
Stone Mountain, GA
Stone Mountain Carving
Jefferson Davis, Gen. Robert E. Lee, & Gen. Stonewall Jackson
(carved into the side of Stone Mountain)

Visitors to Stone Mountain Park have several exciting recreational opportunities available to them, including:
  • Taking the skylift to the top of the mountain where they will have a breathtaking view of the surrounding countryside (including the city of Atlanta).
  • Climbing aboard the Stone Mountain Scenic Railroad for a five mile trip around the base of the huge rock.
  • Visiting the Antebellum Plantation & Farmyard, which includes several original buildings built between the late 1700's and 1845.
  • And lots more!
If you're planning a Georgia vacation, Stone Mountain is a "must see"! Just a short drive from Atlanta, Stone Mountain is very easy to get to. And once you get there, you'll find attractions that the whole family will enjoy and remember forever! 

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