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Spring Means Outdoor Living

Enjoy comfortable living year-round by fusing the outdoors and indoors!

Finally, it's spring! After the dark days of winter, who doesn’t look forward to those first signs of spring and to the warm, extended days ahead: Bright skies, green grass and more time in your outdoor living space.

Industry experts agree that outdoor living is a growing trend, with the design and redesign of outdoor rooms becoming increasingly innovative and sophisticated. These experts also cite that a defined outdoor living space can represent up to 30% of a home’s value.

Outdoor areas add more room to your home for entertaining family and friends, offer a safe and comfortable play zone for the kids and better yet, can add a much needed personal retreat that feels like you’re on vacation…without even packing a suitcase.

So don’t a miss a single day. This year, be prepared to maximize your outdoor living space and enjoy more of your home. Here are a few tips to get you started: 

  1. Dust Off Winter -Spring Cleaning 101

    Outdoor furniture is often placed in storage or exposed to the elements so simple cleaning before and during the season is recommended.

    “For most metal tables and chairs, including those produced of steel, cast aluminum or aluminum, mild soap and water is the best solution,” says Debbie Foster, an expert in outdoor furniture and a personal concierge from Homecrest, a leading manufacturer of furniture for outdoor living.

    “Hose down or wash with water and mild soap to help remove dust, pollens, chemicals, salt water and dirt. And to maintain the frame finish, here’s another tip….apply a coat of clear liquid car wax once a year.

    For that occasional nick or scratch, Homecrest offers its owners special touch-up paint to keep furniture looking new for years. Also be sure to check cushions for wear and tear and consider replacement if necessary.” 
  2. Assess Your Needs 

    If you’re a new homeowner or have recently remodeled or completed an exterior landscaping project, you may be in need of additional or new furnishings to complete the space.

    While there is a vast array of outdoor furnishings available, start your shopping early in the season to have the best selection. And before you begin, decide how you plan to use your space to determine what you will need - are you creating an outdoor living room, an outdoor kitchen, a private retreat or a dining/entertaining space?

    Also, many of the finest brands offer custom frame finishes and fabrics so that you can have exactly what you want. Outdoor rooms are no longer comprised of a picnic table or a hodgepodge of plastic chairs. Make your outdoor space a seamless extension of your interior design - creating a room that is both functional and beautiful. 
  3. Shopping Made Simple 

    Lacking a bit of confidence when it comes down to choosing colors and fabrics? Not to worry. New to the market this year and available at specialty seasonal and furniture stores nationwide, the Homecrest Index, or “HI”, can make every shopper a design expert.

    Once you determine the pieces necessary to create your outdoor living space, with “HI” you can simply coordinate frame finish with the most fashionable fabrics.

    Custom orders such as this typically arrive in six weeks or less. Or if you’re looking for a quick solution for an upcoming event, many of these same specialty and furniture retailers will carry inventory of their best selling collections in several colors and fabrics. 
  4. Extend Your Outdoor Living Experience with Fusion Living

    With the popularity of outdoor living and the design trend of bringing the indoors out, many are also bringing the outdoors in, fusing styles to maximize their use year round. Sunrooms, guest rooms and breakfast/dining areas are all great locations for incorporating a bit of the outdoor experience.

    Most high-quality outdoor furniture is designed to withstand environmental elements and include UV protection built into the construction of the fabric to ensure its durability during outdoor use. This and other features may make outdoor furniture the hardest working furniture you will ever own - and an absolute requirement for rooms that get a lot of wear and tear.

    Fusion living, or using your outdoor furniture throughout your home and outdoor living spaces, can extend both their enjoyment and investment - but most importantly, offers a daily reminder of those warm days of spring.

Article courtesy of HomeCrest. For more information on outdoor furnishings, or to find a retailer near you, visit Homecrest.com.

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