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Getting Sleep During Pregnancy

Why getting enough sleep during your pregnancy is so important

One of the most common complaints among women during pregnancy is the inability to get enough quality sleep. But being able to sleep well is crucial to your own health and that of your growing baby.

There are several factors at play, but the bottom line is this: sleep loss during pregnancy leads to exhaustion, or at least the feeling that you're always exhausted. The physical and mental effects of losing sleep during pregnancy are huge:

  • You become irritable.
  • You don't eat right.
  • Your body becomes less efficient at providing an optimal growing environment for your baby.
These problems can make it very difficult for you to remain healthy yourself during your pregnancy, and they increase the odds that your baby will be born prematurely, with low birth weight, or even with serious health or developmental problems.

There are steps you can take to help ensure that you get enough sleep during your pregnancy however. Here is an excellent resource for reducing pregnancy sleep loss:

About the author:
Article courtesy of Better Health For Virginia.

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