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Windows XP: Delete Files Without The Confirmation Message

Skip the Recycle Bin's annoying confirmation message

In an effort to protect us from ourselves, Windows XP asks us to confirm that we really want to send a file to the Recycle Bin. If you, like me, prefer to skip this "delete file confirmation message", you can configure Windows XP to do it:

  1. Right-click the Recycle Bin
  2. Click Properties 
  3. Uncheck the box beside Display delete confirmation dialog 
  4. Click Ok 
From now on, whenever you delete a file it will be sent directly to the Recycle Bin without asking you to confirm that you really want to delete the file.

Note: Windows XP is perhaps the most user friendly version of Windows yet. Microsoft has put a lot of effort into making Windows XP easy and trying to protect us from mistakes.

If you use this tip to delete file without confirmation, be very careful that you do indeed want to delete the file!

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