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SEO Toolkit! - Part 21

Part 21 - Conclusion

By using the information contained in this SEO guide, you will have your site listed in the Google and Yahoo search results within 6 weeks, and quite possibly on the first page of the listings within 60 days.

All it takes is determination, an open mind, and a little hard work. But the benefits will be well worth the effort!

The techniques listed in this guide are conservative in nature, so you needn't fear incurring a future penalty by using them.

Leave the shady tactics like hidden text and keyword stuffing to the Spammers. Their sites may outrank yours for a short time, but when (not if) they're caught your site will be at the top of the SERPS while theirs fall by the wayside.

And remember, search engine optimization (SEO) techniques aren't static. The search engines are constantly changing their algorithms. What works for good placement today could send you plummeting to the depths of the SERPS next month (or even cause your site to incur a penalty).

Stay up-to date on all the changes in the SEO world and continue tweaking your site accordingly.

Here are a few excellent resources that we use every day:
  • Google News forum at WebmasterWorld - A great source for up-to-the-minute SEO information. It's free, and the experts that participate there are simply amazing! Read the posts, ask questions, and absorb the vast amount of SEO information available there.

    A few hours a week spent in the WebmasterWorld Forums can reap dividends that you simply can't purchase at any price.

    (And in case you're wondering, I have no "ties" to the site, just an amazing fascination and appreciation for the amount and quality of the information available there.)
  • SiteProNews - Get the very best up-to-date webmaster news and information in your inbox every day! Every issue of their newsletter has a useful article and tons of information. Highly recommended for keeping up to date on everything webmaster related!
  • TycoonTalk - Visit the TycoonTalk forums and discuss website design, coding, graphics, affiliate programs and more!
Good luck with your web based business!

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Free SEO Toolkit CDROM - This guide is now available on a free CDROM that also includes tons of other essential webmaster guides, software, articles, and more!

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