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The Secret To High Search Engine Rankings

How to really get your site to the top of the search engines!

By now it's common knowledge: It is very important to rank well in the major search engines. High search engine rankings can bring qualified, interested visitors to the web site you create. And, those visitors come to you believing that you know what you are talking about, since you showed up in the search engine results.

People are always asking me "How do I get my website to show up first when I type a search term into the search engine's search box?".

Well, here's the secret... Create a top-quality website that's packed with useful information, and then get more relevant links pointing back to your site than your competitors have.

Surprised? You shouldn't be. The secret is not really a secret at all.

We all want short cuts and quick fixes for fast and easy success on the web. It would be nice if you could believe the ads, submit to 20 bazillion search engines for free, and get to the top of Google and the rest of the search engines. But, alas, it simply doesn't work that way. It takes hard work and long term commitment.

So, what can you do today to get started on the path to high search engine rankings?

1. Write a fresh, new article on your website's topic. You needn't be a great author to create a great article for the web. Anyone can do it.

Just sit down and think about what you know that other people might like to hear. Don't simply create a thinly disguised advertisement for yourself, but real useful information others can use.

Then, write it out - just like you are talking to someone. Go back and edit, proof read, and edit again. Then, post your new article on your website.

2. Share your article with others to get links back to your site.

Website owners all over the Internet need quality, useful information to re-print on their websites. You can give it to them return for a simple text link back to your own site.

The following sites allow you to submit your article for free, and other people will pick it up, re-print it on their website and link back to you:

Repeat steps 1 and 2 above, and you will build lots of content and inbound links. And that will help your search engine rankings. And that's no secret.

About the Author:

Herb and Monica Leibacher operate Web Builder Express. Create a professional web site for your business or non-profit organization with Web Builder Express, where you can request your free Quick Start Guide that tells you how to create a great website.

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