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7 Tips For Saving Gas

With gas prices are at an all time high, we can all use a few gas saving tips!

Every year millions of gallons of gas and hours of time are unnecessarily lost forever. These 7 tips will help you save on all of it... Gas, Time and Money... Beginning today!

  1. Look ahead and read the traffic properly. How will this help you save gas? By allowing you to better perform the following tips. 
  2. Don't ride the brakes when you don't have to. (Re-accelerating is where we burn 83% of our gas.) 
  3. Get a good rolling start before you accelerate, in order to build momentum. 
  4. Don't over accelerate but make sure to accelerate enough the first time. (Re-accelerating is where we burn 83% of our gas. 
  5. Don't over decelerate. (Re-accelerating is where we burn 83% of our gas.) 
  6. Change lanes properly to prevent slowing down. (Re-accelerating is where we burn 83% of our gas.) 
  7. Use gravity to your advantage (to help gain momentum) when going down hill.
You can easily save lots of gas with these 7 simple tips.

About the Author:

Alex Hunter is a successful author and founder of the website RushHourRelief.com, which is dedicated to helping others save gas, time and money, increasing safety, confidence, freedom and control all while eliminating stress, frustration, road rage, congestion and accidents.

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