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Tips For Saving Money On Gas

18 gas saving tips!

Gas prices are going up again, and seems like the upward spiral will never end! Here are a few great tips for conserving gas and saving money:

  1. Maintain your car and keep it tuned up. Poorly running automobiles use more gas!
  2. Carefully plan your trips to avoid unnecessary driving.
  3. Keep the windows closed when traveling at high rates of speed. Open windows cause additional wind resistance which lowers the gas mileage. At high speeds, an open window(s) can result in your car using more gas than if you simply used the air conditioner.
  4. Check the air pressure in your tires regularly. Over or under-inflated tires can dramatically reduce your fuel efficiency, so always maintain the proper air pressure.
  5. If at all possible, alter your daily schedule to avoid gridlock. Stop and go traffic seriously reduces gas mileage.
  6. Remove unneeded items from your vehicle. For example, you don't need to haul snow chains around in the summer. 
  7. Idle the engine as little as possible. If you're stuck in traffic and you don't think you'll be moving in the next several minutes, turn your car off.
  8. New cars are made to run ok when cold, so you don't have to "warm up" the car.
  9. Don't travel at high speeds in a low gear unless absolutely necessary.
  10. Try to drive right around the speed limit, not over or under it.
  11. Accelerate slowly when taking off at a stop light. Don't race the driver in the next lane because the fastest person through the intersection spends more on gas!
  12. Don't buy the highest grade of gas. Most vehicles are designed to run on regular unleaded gasoline. If in doubt, consult your car's owners manual or ask a mechanic. In most situations, the more expensive gas is simply a waste of money.
  13. Revving up your vehicle's engine wastes gas. It does no good whatsoever to "rev it up" before you turn the engine off.
  14. If you can, car pool with co-workers to share the cost of commuting to work.
  15. Leave your car at home! Bike, walk, or run to your destination whenever possible.
  16. When gas prices are sky high, don't fill up the tank. Wait for lower priced gas before you fill up. Filling up your tank with high-priced gas simply lets the gas companies know that you're willing to pay ridiculous prices for fuel.
  17. The most important tip for saving money on gas is to buy a car that get great gas mileage. There is a huge difference between 20 miles-per-gallon and 40 miles-per-gallon when it comes to gasoline!

About the author:

Fisher Swanson is a regular contributor to the Daily Thrifty Tips newsletter.

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