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Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines

Sail Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines for the ultimate vacation!

A cruise is quite simply the ultimate in luxury vacations. For many people, the idea of sailing on a cruise ship to an exciting and exotic destination is their dream vacation.

Cruise lines offer a wide variety of cruises for the average consumer, and  Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines is one of many great cruise lines that offer exciting vacations with tons of options. They have an excellent reputation and the amenities onboard their cruise ships are first-rate. 

With a name like Royal Caribbean, you might think that this cruise line sails only to the Caribbean - nothing could be further from the truth. Royal Caribbean cruises to many different locations. They sail to Alaska, Bermuda, the Bahamas, the Caribbean, Canada and New England, Europe, Hawaii, Mexico, the Pacific Northwest, the Panama Canal, and transatlantic cruises, as well.

They also have some great cruise tours that consist of an escorted land tour that occurs either before or after your cruise. The escorted land tour is done by deluxe motor coach or train, and is a great option for those wanting to see more of the country to which they have traveled. 

Cruises are actually very budget-friendly. This is because nearly everything onboard the ship is included in the price of the cruise. The accommodations, all meals, snacks activities, entertainment and even 24-hour room service are all part of the package.

For those who want to save money, they can book an inside room and choose one of the less expensive meal plans. This does not mean that their food will be inferior, however. Cruises pride themselves on providing sumptuous gourmet meals to all their passengers. They also offer simple guidelines for gratuities so that you know how much to tip the various staff members that serve you during your cruise. 

The things that are not included in the package price are things like alcoholic beverages, shore excursions, phone calls, and both onboard and off-board purchases. These are things that a person needs to plan to have extra money for. Even then, the shore excursions can be booked in advance to get a better price and to make sure that the consumer gets the shore excursions they want, as the good ones fill up quickly. 

Booking a cruise is also simple. It can be done online through one of the many travel sites, or it can be done at the official Royal Caribbean Cruise Line site. A travel agent can also be another alternative, and sometimes they are able to get very good cruise deals for their customers.

Even if you decide to go on a cruise at the last minute, there are often cheap deals and amazing specials designed to fill up empty spaces on the ship. So whether a person decides to book early or book late, great deals on cruises to a variety of locations are always available.

About the Author:

Bob Hett offers great tips and advice on Cruise lines and vacations.

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