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Tips For Buying A Rolex

How to get the very best deal on a Rolex watch

Rolex - The name says it all. Wearing a Rolex on your wrist is the ultimate status symbol. If you can afford a Rolex, you can probably afford to buy on a whim and not worry about the getting the best deal.

But for the budget-conscious among us, here are a few tips for getting the best deal on a great Rolex watch:

  • Visit a fine jewelry retailer and check out the various models that are currently available. After you find a model you like, write down the name and model number.
  • Visit several other jewelry stores and compare prices for that model.
  • If you want an even better deal on your cherished Rolex, comparison shop on the Internet. The web is chock full of online stores selling Rolexes of all makes and models, often at lower prices than you'll pay at any brick and mortar jewelry store.
  • For the absolute lowest price on a genuine Rolex watch, consider buying a use one. Great deals can be found both online and on the web. Just be very careful about who you do business with and keep in mind that your watch probably won't come with a warranty.

    When buying a used model, it is always wise to have it appraised by an independent jeweler. Realistic looking replicas abound, and it can be very difficult for the layman to tell the difference.
  • Whether you're looking for a new Rolex or a used one, always insist on a money back guarantee.

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