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Getting Rid Of Roaches And Ants

How to be your own roach and ant exterminator

Roaches and ants are an annoyance in almost every household at times. They scurry around the kitchen and dining room as if they own them, and they're hard to get rid of (especially the roaches).

But there is a simple way to get rid of ants and roaches and keep them away for good. You can even become your own exterminator!

What's the secret to ridding your home of roaches and ants? Boric acid.

Tips for using boric acid is to eliminate roaches and ants:

  • Place it in areas of your home where pests are likely to be found, such as under your kitchen appliances and inside your cabinets.
  • Don't allow it to come into contact with food, dishes, or cooking items.
  • Be sure to place some in the bathroom as well.
  • Make sure that you keep it out of reach of small children and your pets.
  • Put out a fresh supply every couple of months to keep the ants and roaches from coming back.
The pests will carry the boric acid back to their nests, getting rid of the others right along with them.

Boric acid also gets rid of termites and fungi (and prevents wood from deteriorating prematurely), so you should also place some in your crawl spaces and/or basement.

You can be your own roach and ant exterminator and have the most pest-free house in your neighborhood!

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