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Perseverance: The Key To Residual Income

Residual income can be yours only if you stay in the game!

"Freedom is a scent, like the top of a new born baby's headĒ. This is so very true when you think about the whole Internet marketing scenario. Itís a common concept that people think of financial freedom by owning their own successful business.

This may be true but I donít agree with it completely. For example, lets say, you owned a successful IT business 8-10 years ago and it was extremely successful, but all of a sudden it bottomed out because of a global downturn and you started to lose money as fast as you were making it.

Are you financially secure now with residual income? I donít think so.

Internet marketing is so very different in the respect that if you stay in the game long enough to build a successful down line, you will eventually be financially secure and earn residual income over time.

Ok you may say that a downturn may hit internet marketing as well, but if you research the market, Internet marketing has boomed ever since it began. It is here to stay!

Once you get the scent that residual income awaits, you will start to devote all your energy and more into achieving your dream. Internet marketing gives you financial freedom that no other company type can offer.

You could go on vacation for two months, then return and see that your commissions might have grown while you were away! Financial freedom for me is earning while on vacation, while sleeping, 24 hours a day, seven days a week!

The one drawback that you probably have guessed already is getting yourself in the position to earn some residual income.

This definitely is the most difficult part and where the biggest percentage of opt-out's occur. What you have to understand is that the payoff for the patience and time you put in initially to get your business off the ground is huge.

There have been numerous instances where an affiliate opted out in the initial stages because he did not think the progress was where it should have been.

It transpired thereafter, and if he had simply stayed in the game, since he had sponsored energetic affiliates, he would have earned huge residual income from their efforts. All he needed to do was maintain his position.

I wonder if he has trouble sleeping at night! It could take up to a year before you register a profit in your business, but freedom and residual income await you if you simply remain committed. Donít end up being the guy that decided to opt out and has regretted it ever since. Always remember - residual income awaits you only if you persevere.

About the Author:

Jack Foley works from his home in Ireland. For more articles and information about Jack's home business, visit his website at http://residual-income-home-based-business.com/.

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