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Reseller Accounts: Save Big On Web Hosting

Host several sites cheap with a reseller account

Introduction to reseller accounts

If you have more than one website, you know that hosting fees can add up quickly. A reseller account will enable you to host several websites on one account for one low monthly fee!

But you're probably thinking "I'm not a reseller!". Well, you don't have to be! Anyone can open a reseller account and host multiple websites without paying a fee for each one of them individually.

How reseller accounts work

Reseller accounts provide the subscriber (you) with a fixed amount of hard drive storage space, monthly data transfer, and a maximum number of domains for a set monthly price. A typical reseller account might offer this plan:

    1000 MB Storage
    50 GB Monthly Data Transfer (bandwidth) 
    Up To 5 Domains 
    $24.95 / month 
You could subscribe to this reseller plan and allocate those resources as you see fit among up to five different websites (using the included control panel application). Example:

Domain1.com would be allocated:
    400 MB Storage
    30 GB Bandwidth 
The other four domains would each be allocated:
    150 MB Storage
    5 GB Bandwidth 
You can actually divide up your available resources any way you see fit among five domains, and you don't really have to use all of them. If you only have three or four, you can simply divide the resources among those you do have.

Of course you can get reseller accounts with virtually any combination of the above resources, handling up to hundreds of websites. In general, the larger the reseller account plan, the cheaper it will be to host each individual site.


Reseller accounts enable webmasters with multiple sites to host them for much less than it would cost individually. All you have to do is sign for a reseller plan that meets the needs of all of your sites.

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