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Why You Need A Registry Cleaner

Clean your Windows Registry often for peak performance!

A clean, lean Windows Registry is crucial for optimum system performance. The Registry is the database that holds all of the important Windows settings including software, hardware, and system information.

Over time the Registry becomes bloated with obsolete and invalid key information. For example, when programs are uninstalled there will often be orphaned Registry keys that get left behind. Even the simple act of deleting a folder can leave unused and unnecessary entries in the database.

In fact, the first time I ran my Registry Cleaner it found almost 2,000 obsolete or invalid Registry entries!

All of these invalid registry items slow down your system and might even cause system instability. The computer boots up slowly and programs become sluggish. This is why it is very important to use a good Registry cleaner application.

Quality Registry cleaner software will back up your PC's Registry, analyze the contents, and display a list of all orphaned or invalid entries that it finds. You are then given the opportunity to remove these old entries and clean up the database.

Some of the features to look for in a good Registry cleaner are:

  • Automatic and/or manual Registry backup and restore procedures.
  • The ability to unselect entries that you don't want to delete.
  • The option to "undo" a Registry cleaning.
  • Fast, efficient support options (forum, email, phone, and/or instant messenger support).
  • A free trial period.
  • A money back guarantee.
There are several excellent Registry cleaner software packages available. It is recommended that you download a couple of them (take advantage of the free trial offer) and give them a try. After you find the one that works best for you, you can pay the registration fee and install the full version.

If you give a Registry cleaner a try I'm sure you'll be very impressed by the boost in system performance, and you'll probably have a more stable PC to boot!

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