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Pork Tenderloin Diane


Servings: Serves 5 people

1 lb pork tenderloin, cut crosswise
   into 8 pieces 
2 ts Lemon pepper 
2 tb Butter 
2 tb Lemon juice 
1 tb Worcestershire sauce 
1 ts Dijon-style mustard 
1 tb Finely chopped chives
   or parsley
   or whole chives for garnish


Press each tenderloin piece into a 1 inch thick medallion.

sprinkle surfaces with lemon pepper.

Melt butter in large heavy skillet over medium heat. Add medallions, then cook 3 to 4 minutes on each side.

Remove the pork to a serving platter and keep warm.

Stir lemon juice, Worcestershire sauce, and mustard into pan juices in skillet.

Cook, stirring, until heated through.

Pour the sauce over the medallions.

Sprinkle with chopped chives. Garnish with whole chives. Serve with vegetables.

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