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Deep Fried Spring Rolls


3/4 lb. spareribs
7 oz boneless pork, lean and fat
3 oz leeks
1 TBS soy sauce
1 tsp brine
4 TBS cornstarch (cornflour) dissolved in 4 TBS water
2 eggs
5 tsp flour
4 cups vegetable oil for deep-frying


Cut the pork into thin slices and along the grain into matchstick-sized slivers.

Wash the leeks very well and cut them into 1 1/2 inch sections. Separate into slices and mix with the pork slivers.

Set aside.

Heat 4 tbsp of the oil in a wok over high heat to very hot, or until the oil surface ripples.

Add the pork slivers, leeks, soy sauce, 1/2 tsp. brine, MSG (optional), and stir-fry until the pork is cooked.

Stir the cornstarch-water mixture and add 1 TBS to the wok.

Cook, stirring, until the sauce thickens.

Remove from the heat and set aside.


Beat the eggs and mix with the flour, 1/2 tsp. brine, and enough water to make a stiff batter.

Heat a pan and add just enough oil to barely film the surface.

Pour in half the batter and rotate the pan so the batter forms a thin pancake.

Cook on one side until dry, then turn over and cook the other side just until dry.

Repeat with the other half of the batter.

Cut each pancake in half and spread a thin layer of the dissolved cornstarch on the upper surface of each.

Final Preparation:

Place one of the wrappers on a clean surface with the straight edge facing you.

Place 1/4 of the pork and leek filling along the straight edge, leaving the farther half of the wrapper clear and leaving space on both sides to roll up the wrapper.

Then turn the pancake away from you once so the filling is encased in the wrapper.

Fold the 2 side flaps towards the center and continue rolling up the wrapper.

Seal with the dissolved cornstarch.

Repeat with the order 3 wrappers and the rest of the filling to make 4 spring rolls in all.

Heat the oil in a wok over medium heat to 350 degrees F, or until a piece of scallion green or ginger sizzles and moves around quickly when tossed into the oil .

Add the spring rolls to the oil one at a time and deep-fry until reddish-brown.

Remove and drain well.

Cut each roll into 5 equal portions, stack them in a dish and serve.

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