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How Many Of My Pages Are In Google?

SEO / traffic-building questions and answers


How can I find out how many of my pages have been indexed by Google?


Google's spider (known as Googlebot) crawls the web regularly and Google indexes the pages that it finds. There are literally billions of web pages in the Google database! Wading through the Google search results looking for all of your pages would be impossible.

But Google makes it easy for us by providing a simple command called site.

Just type the site command along with your domain name into the Google search box. Here is an example of the format:

site:yourdomain.com -dfjkl

Just type that line into the Google search box. Be sure to replace yourdomain.com with your own website's domain name.

The -dfjkl can be any text string that is not found on any of your web pages, In other words, it is a filter for omitting any pages that are on another website that just happen to contain your domain name (such as a links page).

The search results page will then show every page on your website that Google has "found" and indexed.
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