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Dealing with Hayfever (Ragweed Allergies)

Ragweeds and Hayfever

The fall season is a great time to be outdoors, but ragweeds and other pollen producing plants can make it unbearable for those with allergies. This article offers several ways to successfully deal with hayfever, including taking the popular ragweed vaccine.

Tips to reduce Hayfever symptoms:

If you suffer from Hayfever allergies, here are a few simple, yet very effective steps that you can take to reduce the symptoms and enjoy the beautiful fall weather:

  • Destroy any ragweeds that are on your own property (or have someone else remove them for you). You can't control the pollen that drifts onto your property with the wind, but you can get rid of your own.
  • Avoid being outdoors during peak ragweed pollen exposure times. Ragweed pollen tends to be most prevalent during the early morning hours (5am - 10am).
  • Days that are hot and dry are perfect for the production and spreading of ragweed pollen, especially if it's a little windy. Avoid the outdoors on days like this if at all possible.
  • To reduce exposure to residual pollen grains, take a shower after being outdoors. Your skin, hair, and clothing attract pollen that can irritate you for hours on end!
  • If your pet is allowed to go outside, give him a bath when he comes back in to the house. Then take a shower yourself. Pet fur attracts pollen very well.
  • Air conditioners help filter pollen from the air. Use yours during the ragweed season.
  • Try an over-the-counter antihistamine to reduce the miserable symptoms brought on by ragweed pollen. If they don't seem to help very much, talk to your doctor about trying a prescription antihistamine or nasal spray.
  • If your allergic reactions are severe and the above steps don't help, there is a ragweed vaccine available. It helps build an immunity to ragweed pollen so that over time your symptoms are reduced or prevented altogether. Talk to your doctor about the benefits and side-effects of the ragweed vaccine.


Hayfever causes misery for millions of people around the world, but you can take control, minimize the symptoms, and enjoy the fall season! 

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