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Quilting Doesn't Have To Be Expensive

Tips for saving money on quilting supplies

I took a course a few years ago on machine quilting. My first quilt was very expensive to make by the time I purchased the material, the batting, and the backing - it ended up costing well over $100.

While I really enjoyed quilting, I thought there must be a less expensive way. Well, I have found ways to make quilting a lot cheaper.

Here is my list on less expensive ways to make quilts:

  1. I obtain curtain samples that companies are no longer using. I cut them into blocks and they are great! I can usually get the samples for $1.
  2. Second hand stores often have material that you can buy for less than $2. I cut it up into blocks, which gives me a wide assortment of colors and textures to choose from.
  3. Old clothes that no longer fit or that are worn in the knees or elbows. Cut out the seams, and cut the material into blocks or strips - it works great!!
  4. You can bid on eBay auctions for material that is already cut into blocks. You can get some good buys!
  5. I use fleece throws for the backing. You can usually obtain these from Wal-Mart or the Dollar Store for under $10.00. I fit my blocks to cover the fleece throw, and then machine quilt the two together.

    So now rather than spending $100. for the materials, I rarely spend over $15.00, and I end up with some beautiful quilts!
Here are a few starter tips for machine quilting:
  • Start with a simple 6x6 block pattern. Don't try and attempt complicated patterns for your first quilts, it will just frustrate you. Start simple, and then let your creativity soar!
  • Don't go out and buy an expensive machine. We use a very simple, inexpensive machine to quilt with - you really don't need all the fancy gadgets.
  • When machine quilting, always use 100% cotton thread. Most stores have thread identified as "machine quilting thread".

About the Author:

Catherine Pulsifer is one of the authors of A Simple Life: A journey to a simple life, and, a frugal lifestyle.

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