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Protect Your Affiliate Links From Hijackers

Do you make money by promoting products and services from your website with affiliate links? If you do, you're probably losing as much in affiliate commissions to thieves as you're earning!

How? Affiliate thieves use a process called hijacking. The thief simply replaces your affiliate id with theirs in the affiliate link. For example, letís say your affiliate ID is bigseller and the product site is www.anything.com. Then your affiliate link would be something like www.example.com/?bigseller. 

Now, say the hijacker uses the affiliate ID of istealbucks. He would simply replace your ID with his and purchase the item from the URL www.example.com/?istealbucks.

The bottom line: You donít get your commission! The thief puts your affiliate commission in his pocket (in the form of a discount) by buying through his own affiliate link!

Sound incredible? It happens every day!

But there is an easy way to protect your affiliate links from hijacking. Simply use our free  HTML Encryption Utility!

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