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Child Abduction: 6 Ways To Prevent It

How to protect your child from predators

Thousands of children are abducted each year in the US, and all too many of these missing kids are never found. But you don't have to let your child be at risk. Here are six guidelines that can help protect your kids from predators:

  1. Never leave your kid alone in a public place. This includes the mall, a department store, food market, and even your car! Children left unattended even for one minute are at serious risk of child abduction.
  2. Arrange for a safe house (or houses) in your neighborhood. Make sure your children understand that they can go there for help if they ever need it. 
  3. Check out your kids' older friends and all potential
    babysitters. You simply must know for sure whether you can really trust anyone who will be allowed to have complete control over your child for even a few minutes at a time. Most children are abducted by people who know the victim.
  4. Don't place your child's name on his/her clothing, toys, or other items. Also, instruct your kids to never give their names to a stranger. Most kids are much more likely to trust someone who knows their name.
  5. Never let your child go into a public restroom alone. Bad things can happen in just a matter of minutes, and child abductors are among the best con artists out there.
  6. Always have on hand an up-to-date color picture of your kid, a current child ID, and medical and dental history. If you haven't done so already, have your child fingerprinted as soon as possible.
Child abduction is a bad problem that gets worse all the time, but these simple precautions can help safeguard your children.

Monique Dyer is President of Accurate Drug & DNA Testing.

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