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Floral Framed Art With Pressed Flowers

How to use pressed flowers to create a masterpiece

You can create amazing pieces of art and home decor items with pressed flowers. Holiday items crafted from pressed flowers make great gifts!

Collect flowers and foliage that easily lend themselves to pressing, such as Cosmos and Pansies. For best results you should pick flowers at the peak of freshness and press them when there is no moisture on them. 
If you don't press them immediately after picking them, simply put them in zip-lock bags filled with air and store them in a cool place (the refrigerator is perfect).

When you're ready to press the flowers, use a soft brush to remove any loose debris from the plant material.

Two simple ways to press flowers:
  1. Flower Presses - A flower press is pretty inexpensive to purchase or you can make your own.

  2. Between book pages - Place your flowers between sheets of paper to protect the book. You can also place them between two large books. It should take approximately 1-2 weeks for them to dry completely.
Layer the flowers in the press by cutting small pieces of cardboard and newsprint to fit properly between the boards of the press. 

To ensure maximum color retention, place the flowers between two sheets of paper and change them daily (or at least every couple of days).

Note: Flowers may turn brown when they don't dry quickly enough. Simply discard the brown ones.

Making a floral art picture

Some frames are more suitable for pressed flowers than others. Select a wooden frame that can be easily stapled to secure the back of the frame. Plastic and metal frames come equipped with clips allowing the back of the frame to be easily opened and closed.

Your flowers can be mounted on acid free card stock or on a piece of soft fabric such as velvet. When using fabric trim it to the same size as the glass. If it's larger it tends to wrinkle some around the edges. 

Use tweezers to arrange the flowers and foliage on the card stock or fabric. When you're satisfied with the arrangement, use a toothpick to carefully apply a drop of craft glue and press the flower down firmly into its permanent position. 

Make sure you let the glue dry completely before framing the picture. Cover the picture with the glass and attach the backboard to the frame. Try to create an air-tight seal when framing the picture (by tf support allender). Air can cause oxidation and premature fading of the pressed flowers. 

Another very popular way to display your dried flowers and foliage is to create Botanical specimen displays.

I prefer to glue my samples onto acid free parchment paper. Select parchment paper that will provide an aged look for the finished work. This can be found in most craft stores or scrap-booking supply stores.

Arrange the flowers, leaves, and seeds of the featured plant onto the paper. Using a calligraphic pen, write the Latin or common name of the plant and any notes you may wish to make. These pieces of framed art can be sold at craft fairs and markets, advertised in gardening magazines, or given away as personalized, handmade gifts!

Caring for pressed flower displays...

Avoid displaying your pressed flowers in direct sunlight. Keep them out of rooms with high humidity (bathrooms or kitchens).

Jill Black owns "Net Writing and Publishing Success" at www.netwrite-publish.com. She is also the editor of "Simply Home Life" a free weekly lifestyle publication for women living and working from home offering a wide range of ideas for taking control and creating the personal, home, and professional lives they desire.

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