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The Top 5 Pay-Per-Click Mistakes

Avoid these pay-per-click mistakes and maximize your profits!

Pay-per-click (PPC) search engines are excellent for driving predictable amounts of extremely targeted visitors to your website, but if you manage your pay-per-click campaigns incorrectly, you can waste a lot of money and time.

Here are the top 5 pay-per-click mistakes and how to avoid them:

  1. Using your home page for the landing page - Always have your PPC listings take the visitor directly to the page featuring the offer described in the ad. If they're directed to the home page, they'll get frustrated if they have to search for the offer.
  2. Bidding excessive amounts just to be listed in the number one position for a keyword - Vanity bidding is a huge money waster! Why pay a huge premium just to be first on the list when second or third is almost as effective?

    The difference between being in the first position or the second can often be several dollars per click! Bid intelligently and reap higher net profits!
  3. Putting all of your eggs in one basket - Some webmasters like Google AdSense. Others like Overture. Don't spend all of your pay-per-click advertising budget on just one search engine. Diversify and spread the risk.

    You can get decent traffic from some of the smaller pay-per-click venues for as little as $.01 per click! You'll get less traffic from them of course, but $.01 per click sure beats $2.90!
  4. Spending all of your pay-per-click ad budget on just one or two popular keywords - The most popular search terms typically command several dollars per click for the top positions. You can usually find dozens of synonyms that bring in traffic of the same quality for considerably less in PPC fees.
  5. Using a poor title and description in your pay-per-click listings - If visitors click on your costly PPC ad expecting to find medium sized green widgets on the landing page, make sure that's exactly what they'll find when they get there.

    Lots of pay-per-click traffic to your website is costly and useless if your visitors can't find the item that was advertised in the listing. You simply can't make money with pay-per-click campaigns unless your targeting is perfect, every time.

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