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What Do You Think Of Pop-Under Exchanges?

SEO / traffic-building questions and answers


What do you think of pop-under exchanges? I'm having trouble getting visitors to my site, so I'm thinking about trying one. Are they effective?

Submitted by Terry M.


Pop-under exchanges give you a small fragment of code to insert into your web pages. When a visitor enters your site, a window pops up underneath the browser with a member's website loaded in it.

The better pop-under exchanges use a cookie to make sure that only one pop-under is displayed for each unique visitor to your site.

In exchange for allowing your site to spawn the pop-under, your site will be displayed in a similar pop-under on another member's site.

An exchange ratio of 3:2 is common, which means that for every 3 times that your site spawns a pop-under displaying another site, your site will be displayed twice. The other "lost" pop-up is sold as advertising by the pop-under exchange.

There are a few problems with pop-unders in general:

  1. Many web surfers find pop-unders irritating and will never buy from a site that is connected with them in any way. But the level of irritation from pop-unders is generally less than that from pop-ups.
  2. Pop-unders tend to deliver poorly targeted traffic, which makes for a poor conversion ratio (not many sales in other words).
  3. More and more people are using pop-up blockers every day, which means that a decent percentage of the pop-unders displaying your site will never be seen at all.
Pop-under exchanges do have a couple of advantages however:
  1. Your site has the same chance of being displayed as any other site in the network.
  2. The price is right - free!
Whether pop-up exchanges will work for your site or not probably depends on your niche in the marketplace and the demographics of your target audience.

Since most of the pop-under exchanges are free, you can always give it a try. If it works for you, great. If not, you haven't wasted a lot of time or money. Good luck!
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