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Pilates: A Powerful Fitness Method

Strengthen your body and mind with Pilates

Around six million people in the U.S. are now strengthening their bodies and minds and losing weight with the help of pilates exercises, the fastest growing fitness trend in decades. Many celebrities are publicly touting the benefits of pilates.

Because of the Pilates Method’s popularity, a growing industry has emerged to support it. Over eleven thousand people in America now claim to be pilates instructors, but according to the Pilates Method Alliance, (PMA), the international, not–for–profit, professional association that establishes certification and continuing education standards for Pilates professionals, at least one fourth of them haven't been properly trained.

“If you're working with a pilates instructor who doesn’t have adequate training, you run a major risk of getting injured,” says Kevin Bowen, co-founder of the PMA. “Pilates isn’t something you simply start doing one day. You have to make sure you have an instructor who understands the Pilates Method and how to make the exercises work for you.”

If done properly, pilates exercises can strengthen, tone, and stretch your body, encourage proper breathing, and facilitate good posture. Here are ten very important questions you should ask an instructor before signing up for their pilates exercise class:

  1. What kind of pilates training did you take and where did you take it?
  2. How much time did you spend in your original pilates method training?
  3. How long have you been teaching the pilates method?
  4. Did you learn the mat work only, or was your pilates program comprehensive in nature, teaching you various pilates exercises on the pilates equipment?
  5. Do you understand the human body, have a basic knowledge of kinesiology, and an understanding of fundamental biomechanics?
  6. Do you understand the body's aging process?
  7. Do you pay special attention to pilates training safety and guidelines?
  8. Does the pilates exercise facility where you teach practice high safety standards for group classes?
  9. Are you committed to continuing your pilates method and fitness education?
  10. Are you affiliated with a professional organization such as the Pilates Method Alliance?
For help with finding a qualified pilates studio or pilates instructor in your area, log onto the Pilates Method Alliance website.

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Article courtesy of ARA Content.

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