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Phone Cards Directory

  • SpeedyPin Phone Cards - Offers prepaid phone cards and international calling cards with rates
    from 0.5/min. Card performance is guaranteed. No hidden fees, connection fees and instant
    PIN delivery via email.
  • Blast Communications: Mobile Phone Shop - Blast Communications mobile phone shop specializes
    in new, used, and refurbished mobile phones at competitive prices. Order online today.
  • Prepaid Calling Cards - Prepaid calling cards and other communication services on sale. Lowest
    international and long distance rates.
  • oHello: International Phone Cards - Featuring a selection of international phone cards with zero
    fees, pinless dialing and no hidden charges. Contains country call rates, payment details, and
    calling instructions.
  • Tel3Advantage, VoIP, Phone Cards & More - We offer options for making low cost domestic
    and international phone calls. Get up to 473 free minutes.
  • Global Long Distance Calling Cards - Offers prepaid long distance phone cards to be used from
    up to 8 numbers including your home, office number, and/or cellular phone without a PIN number.
    No Hidden Fees!
  • Tel3.com - Tel3's unique prepaid international long distance service offers cheap calling card
    rates that you can use from any phone even your cell phone, without the hassle of switching
    your existing long distance home phone service.
  • DialAroundTheWorld Prepaid Phone Cards - Prepaid phone cards that save you money on all of
    your long distance calling, domestic and international. Enjoy rates as low as 2.9 cents per minute,
    from your touch-tone phone, to anywhere in the continental USA.
  • International Calling Cards - International calling cards and long distance communication services.

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