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Make A Patchwork Fabric Gift Box

An attractive gift box made from fabric scraps and a shoe box!

Finished Patchwork Gift BoxPatchwork fabric gift boxes are an easy to make, very affordable way to dress up any gift package. They can also be used as attractive storage containers.

This wonderful patchwork fabric gift box project can be completed in about 2-3 hours, depending upon the size of the shoe box selected. 

Materials required for the gift box: 

  • One shoe box (or other small box with a removable lid)
  • Several scraps of fabric
  • Wonder Under or other fusible web material
  • Pair of pinking shears 
  • Iron and ironing board 
  • Optional - raffia, buttons, etc.

Directions for making the patchwork fabric gift box:

To assemble the gift box, you'll basically be ironing fabric scraps onto a regular shoe box. 

While I was assembling my gift box, I discovered that it was easier to first iron the fusible web onto the fabric, then trim the fabric into your desired shapes. The web seems to reinforce the fabric, helping the pinking shears cut through the fabric more easily and cleanly. 

Select a scrap of fabric and cut a piece of the fusible web to fit it. Using a warm iron, attach the web to the back side of the fabric, being sure to follow the directions that came with the fusible web.

Don't remove the paper backing just yet. Next, use the pinking shears to cut the fabric into your desired shapes. Regular sewing scissors will work as well, but the pinking shears will give the fabric an edge that is less likely to unravel. 

When cutting out your shapes, make some of them rectangular, some square, and the rest triangular. The number and size of each of these shapes is entirely up to you.

Be aware that you'll find some shapes fit better than others in the corners and along the edges. Long, rectangular shapes will lay along the top edges better. They will also reduce the number of pieces required to cover the top of the gift box. 

Patchwork Fabric Gift Box piecesUse several coordinating fabrics to cut your pieces from.

After you cut your pieces, begin ironing them onto the box.

Peel the paper backing off of the fusible web. Lay the fabric with the web side down on the box and press firmly with the iron. You may have to iron it two or three times to get it to stick well. 

I began with the top of the box and worked my way down the sides. Fold a piece of your fabric over the top edge of the box. I folded mine over just about an inch.

Next, iron the edge of the fabric on the inside of the box first. Fold the piece over to the outside of the box and iron again. Continue overlapping the pieces of fabric until the box is completely covered. Apply the fabric to the box lid in the same way, beginning with the bottom edge.

When you're finished, look carefully for small spots you may have missed, adding small fabric pieces until the entire surface is fully covered. You really can't make any mistakes since it's designed to look just like a patchwork quilt!

Examine your new patchwork fabric gift box for places where the edges of the fabric might be coming up. If you find any, gently run the iron over them. It could take a couple of times to get all the edges to lay down properly.

If you later discover a spot that simply doesn't want to stick, just dab a little glue on it and apply pressure until it takes hold.

You can embellish your gift box with raffia bows, buttons, etc. I used a hot glue gun to attach a corrugated cardboard heart onto the top, then I glued a decorative raffia bow to the heart. 

Add a bit of tissue paper to the inside of the box, and it's ready to hold a gift! In mine, I placed a small stack of handmade cards tied together with a length of raffia made into a bow. The gift box was given to a friend who enjoys writing pen pal letters!

You can also use your patchwork fabric gift boxes for storage. They make great repositories for pictures, letters, or almost anything else you'd like to store in an attractive box. Making these gift boxes are great ways to use up any fabric scraps you may have laying around. 

These patchwork fabric gift boxes are very easy to make, and they complement any type of gift that will fit in them!

About the author:

Rachel Paxton is a freelance writer, mom, and owner of four home and family websites. Visit her at www.crafty-moms.com.

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