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Choosing Outdoor Furniture

Outdoor furniture will enable you to relax and enjoy your property!

If you have a large lawn and garden, several strategically placed pieces of outdoor furniture will give your property character as well as a place to sit and enjoy it.

Outdoor furniture is available in a number of varieties:

  1. Wicker patio furniture will give your deck or gazebo a classy look.
  2. Stick furniture made from rhododendron, laurel, oak, and other durable hardwoods lasts for years and provides a truly "country" atmosphere.
  3. Outdoor furniture made from cypress wood has a beautiful reddish color. Cypress furniture also lasts for a long time in all kinds of weather.
  4. Wrought iron furnishings are very attractive, functional, and long lasting, especially if kept well-painted.
Where to place your outdoor furniture

You can place your outdoor furnishings any place your want. Here are a few suggestions:
  • Patios and gazebos are perfect spots for outdoor furniture, including love seats, chairs, tables, swings, and benches.
  • A stick bench facing a built-up flower bed or water garden will provide hour after hour of relaxation.
  • Stick benches, chairs, and love seats can be placed in various areas to provide a country atmosphere as well as a place to sit and enjoy the beauty of your garden.
  • And of course a hand-built pole swing will add a country charm to any area of your garden!

Attractive and functional outdoor furniture will give your lawn and garden character and you the ability to sit or swing and enjoy the sights, sounds, and smells of the great outdoors!

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