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Online Faxing: Advantages And Disadvantages

How online faxing can help your business

Online faxing is rapidly making stand-alone fax machines obsolete. Several companies now offer online faxing services, often as part of a complete business communications package.

Here are some of the advantages of online faxing:

  • There are no busy signals to contend with since there is no dialing to be done.
  • You don't have to tie up your phone line in order to send a fax.
  • If you have a high speed (always on) Internet connection you won't need a phone line at all!
  • With online faxing you can send and receive faxes via email, a simple web browser interface, or dozens of the most popular software packages.
  • Online faxing is inexpensive, especially considering the fact that you don't have to purchase ink cartridges and other fax machine supplies.
  • You'll have one less machine cluttering up your office.

    The only disadvantage to online faxing is you'll have to have a scanner in order to fax a hard copy document.

Online faxing saves time and money in several ways and it is available to anyone with an Internet connection, a scanner, and a printer.

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