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Should You Switch To Online Banking?

Online banking can simplify your financial life!

Online banking has matured to the point where most of us simply can no longer afford to be without it. Doing most of your banking online can make performing your routine financial tasks faster and easier than doing them the old fashioned way.

Here are a few of the advantages of banking online:

  1. Online banking makes verifying deposits and cleared checks as simple and convenient as logging in and making a couple of mouse clicks - no more waiting for a paper statement to arrive in the mail or calling the bank!
  2. Most online banking accounts include an option to pay bills directly from the account - no more writing checks and licking stamps!
  3. Reputable online banks are secure and their accounts are insured by the FDIC.
  4. Most companies that do business on the web now accept echecks, giving you the ability to pay for your purchases and services directly from your online banking account.
  5. Online banks offer terms that are typically much more attractive than their brick and mortar counterparts.
Of course there are also disadvantages to banking online, including:
  1. Deposits usually must be mailed in to the bank.
  2. Most statements are delivered online which means canceled checks aren't returned to you.

Online banking provides a level of service, convenience, and flexibility that is unmatched by most local banks. And if you do business on the web, banking online is fast becoming a necessity!

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