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Creative Uses For Old Denim

Using old denim to create marvelous craft items

If your family is similar to mine, you live in denim. From denim jeans and skirts to denim jackets. Our home has plenty of denim in it.

As a family with three children, we certainly go through plenty of clothes. And since two of our children are boys, many of their clothes are worn out before they're grown out of. So I found myself with a large sack full of useless denim. As a frugal mother, what was I to do?

I'll tell you what I did: I rose to the challenge and got busy doing some research. I discovered so many uses for used denim that I now seek out worn out clothes!

Here are a few useful items that you can make out of scrap denim:
  • Denim Quilt - Cut the good sections of denim clothing into four inch squares. Sew the pieces together to create a country-style quilt. I did this and would up with a wonderful "rag" quilt. I sewed the quilt together in a way that left the denim seams on the outside of the quilt. I laundered it to create a bit of fraying and bam... a great Christmas gift was finished!

  • Denim Purse - Turn your old jeans inside-out (works best with shorts) and sew just below the bottom at the beginning of the legs. Sew a few times to create some extra reinforcing. Next, attach a strap made from the waistband from another pair of jeans. Lace a belt or a decorative ribbon through the belt-loops to close the opening. You can also put a small strip of Velcro on the inside to keep the purse closed.

  • Denim Pillows - Using the same basic techniques as those used for the purse, I made some nice pillows for our van. But I needed to close the entire top with Velcro. Use a ready made pillow form and you can un-velcro for easy cleaning. Just toss it in your washing machine. I used an old pillow that I had laying around as the pillow form and incurred no cost at all for my pillows.

  • Denim Apron - A pair of overalls works best for this project. First, cut the seams of the legs apart. Next sew both of the front legs together and then both of the back legs together. Slip the finished product over your head for a wonderful apron. You can also use it as a great overall dress. Very quick and easy.
So what are you waiting for? There are no doubt countless other great uses for old denim. Go clean out your closets and see what you can make!

Roxanna Ward is a community leader and staff writer for www.BabyUniversity.com. She also is Editor of three newsletters: What's New at BabyU?, Intimate Encounters and At Home with Baby University.

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