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Why I love Satellite TV

When I was growing up in rural southwestern Virginia, the options available for watching television were limited to, at best, a couple of "snowy" local stations, and usually the station that carried the really cool show that all the kids at school were raving about was one that my household couldn't get. But then along came satellite TV, and the world of entertainment has never been the same!

Nowadays, great services like Direct TV bring a veritable world of entertainment and information into our homes 24/7. Whether our interests lie in watching the latest movie, a home improvement show, the news of the day or the big game, we have hundreds of channels to choose from with satellite programming.

The launch of Direct Satellite TV brought a large variety of entertainment options to the rural areas of our great country. And in the years that followed those choices have expanded to a point where satellite is giving the cable companies a good run for their money, even in our towns and cities. The crystal clear television signals that are now beamed into our homes from space have certainly changed our lives for the better.

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