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Shopping For An MP3 Player

MP3 Players: What you need to know

MP3 Players take the music experience to an entirely new level, freeing those on the go from bulky CD players. Travelers, runners, and other active people no longer have to put up with the skipping that comes with using other types of music players.

MP3 Players are very small and lightweight. Modern MP3 Players can hold hundreds of songs and play them in any order you want.

You can use your MP3 Player to create your own mix of music. You can transfer selected songs from your favorite CDs or download them from the internet for a very low fee.

The MP3 Format

MP3 Players use the MP3 format, which is a very efficient compression system for music files. This compression scheme reduces the file size (in megabytes) by a factor of 10-14 depending on the song. And it performs this compression with little or no noticeable difference in sound quality.

MP3 Player Features

  • Size - In general, the smaller the MP3 Player the better. There are several MP3 Players on the market that aren't much larger than a postage stamp!
  • Computer Connection - Most MP3 Players today connect to your PC via a standard USB port (recommended), but there are also units available that connect to a parallel port or even Firewire.
  • Memory - This is perhaps the most important factor to consider when shopping for an MP3 Player. The more memory your MP3 Player has, the more songs you can store on it.

    You should strongly consider purchasing an MP3 Player that has the ability to accept memory cartridges. If you do, you can increase the memory (enabling the storage of more music) by simply getting a larger capacity memory cartridge for your MP3 Player.


The purchase of an MP3 Player is an investment in your relaxation and enjoyment. If you spend just a little more to buy an MP3 player that is reliable and expandable, you can enjoy your music "on the go" for years to come.

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