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Mortgage Information & Services Directory

    Featured Resources:

    Current Mortgage Rates - Total Mortgage is proud to offer some of America's lowest rates
    and fees.

    Mortgage Loan - Find the best loan offers in minutes. We compare over 300 lenders to find
    the lowest mortgage rates available. We help consumers get the best loans.

  • Mortgage Lending - Specializing in FHA mortgages, VA mortgages, and low interest refinancing
    rates, Freedom Mortgage has been a leader in the mortgage lending space for more than 20 years.
    With pride in their customer service, tips for first-time homebuyers, and payment calculators,
    Freedom Mortgage helps their customers select the right mortgage or refinancing option to meet
    their needs.
  • Military VA Loan - VA home loan rates for veterans who have served. 
  • Home Loans: Mortgage Loans from Secure Mortgage Lender, Citizens Bank - Find secure home 
    loans with competitive rates from Citizens Bank. As a trusted mortgage lender, we offer home
    loan options to help you buy or refinance the perfect home. Apply today and learn why we are
    the trusted home loan lender to help you.
  • California Home Loans - OneWest Bank offers a large variety of great products featuring today’s 
    competitive California home loan rates. Whether you are looking to refinance or purchase a new
    home, choose OneWest Bank for your California home loan!
  • Mortgages and Mortgage Solutions for Canadians from CIBC - Everything you need to know 
    about CIBC mortgages – from buying your first home to financing your renovation – to help
    you can get the mortgage that’s right for you.
  • California Mortgage - California Mortgage Company with daily updates to interest rates and loan 
    information. HUD approved for FHA Loans and Reverse Mortgages.
  • Anthem-Colorado Mortgage Company - Local family owned Colorado based business founded on 
    the philosophy of honest, straightforward answers. Frequently listed in the WSJ for having the
    lowest rates in the nation. 2005-2007 Gold Star award winner with the Denver BBB. There are
    NEVER any junk fees with Anthem and we have the ability to lock your loan over the phone
    without charging you a lock-in fee or a loan app fee.
  • Mortgage Payment Calculators - Online tools to help home buyers calculate the costs of 
    mortgaging a home.
  • Uk Mortgages - UK mortgage product information offering financial comparisons, calculators, 
    online quote form and a mortgage broker section.
  • Florida Mortgage Home Loan Rates - Florida lender with in-house underwriting for fast loan 
  • Exclusive Mortgage Leads - Exclusive mortgage leads is the original online provider of exclusively 
    generated internet mortgage leads offering real time delivery, multiple lead filters, and onsite
    lead pricing.
  • Bad Credit Mortgage - Eclipse experts help repair and improve bad credit ratings and offer 
    professional advice on how to apply for a bad credit mortgage. They offer over 8500 mortgage
  • YBS Mortgages And Remortgages - UK mortgage provider offering fixed rate, tracker and 
    discount mortgages. Voted Mortgage Magazines Lender of the Year 2005 and 2006.
  • Endowments - Sell your mortgage endowments with Endowment Express and receive up to 40% 
    more than if you surrendered it to the issuing financial company.
  • Click N Go Mortgages - Choose from a wide range of mortgages including 100% Mortgages, First 
    Time Buyer Mortgages and Bad Credit Mortgages.
  • Arizona Mortgage Group - Home Loans - Provides mortgage loans to customers in Arizona, 
    Colorado and New Mexico as a licensed mortgage broker. Offers a match-or-beat pricing policy,
    an extensive mortgage product selection, and a streamlined mortgage process to complete
    mortgage loans as quickly and efficiently as possible.
  • AAXA - Current Mortgage Rates - Providing competitive mortgage rates which are posted online 
    and updated daily. We also offer in-house underwriting, closing and funding departments to help
    streamline the mortgage process.
  • 15, 30, & 40 Year Mortgage Loan Guide - A comprehensive guide to understanding home 
    mortgage loans.
  • Online Commercial Loans, Apartment Loans & Conduit Loans - National commercial lender and 
    mortgage banking firm providing low rate high performing commercial loans, apartment loans,
    and conduit loans online.
  • Mortgage And Finance Directory - A directory of US finance and real estate related services 
    offering free listings. Browse our mortgage, realty, bank and insurance directories.
  • Mortgage-Loan-UK: Buy To Let, Commercial Finance - Extensive collection of mortgage related 
    calculators. Mortgage, life and insurance quote facilities. Forums and newsfeeds covering current
    and topical issues. Also secured and unsecured personal loans.
  • Loans With Bad Credit History - Resource for people seeking information about various lending 
    options, regardless of credit history.
  • Florida Mortgage Loans - Free approvals and pre-qualification with any credit score. You can get  pre-approved for your mortgage, rather than just pre-qualified.
  • Alliance & Leicester PLC - Welcome to Alliance & Leicester - Find information about our UK banking 
    services including current accounts, saving accounts, internet banking, personal loans & mortgages.
    Our best deals get better online - explore the site to see our great online interest rates.
  • Bad Credit Mortgage Loans - View a list of recommended bad credit mortgage lenders. This is 
    an informational site designed to help borrowers find the loan they need.
  • Home Loans Australia - Home loan mortgage finance solutions for Australian properties 
    including debt consolidation covering clear or bad credit situations.
  • Bankrate.com - The definitive resource for mortgage and credit information. 
  • First Time Home Buyer - Contact details for hundreds of down payment assistance grant 
    programs nationwide.
  • Mortgage Research Center - Dedicated to helping educate you about mortgages, refinancing, 
    debt consolidation, and various type of loans.
  • Interest.com - Compare and search today's mortgage loan rates. 
  • Quicken Loans - Exclusive home loan options, easy-to-use mortgage calculators, home loan 
    articles, and instant rate quotes on several mortgages.
  • Mortgages First - Convenience, savings, and personal service in your quest for a mortgage. 


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