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Strategies For Getting Into Medical School

Alternative medical school options for those with less than perfect grades

The desire to study medicine is shared by thousands of American high school students and graduates, but getting accepted into a medical school is very difficult for those with less than perfect academic records.

Successful applicants to the top medical schools typically have close to a straight-A average and superlative standardized test scores. And getting into a lesser known medical school isn't easy either!

Intense competition among thousands of applicants who share an intense desire to study medicine have made getting accepted more and more difficult over the last couple of decades.

But there are some strategies for increasing your chances of getting accepted into a medical school even if your record isn't spotless:

  • Excel in your undergraduate studies. Whether you start out in business school or culinary college as an undergraduate, do your best. If your high school record isn't as good as it could be, you can make up for it in large part by applying yourself and getting straight A's (or close to it) in undergraduate school.

    Many medical schools are more concerned with the quality of your college work than with your earlier record.
  • There are programs that give special consideration to applicants from various backgrounds and who share certain characteristics, mainly minority status and/or nationality.

    For example, many medical schools give special consideration to African American, Latino, and Asian students or students from certain disadvantaged countries.
  • As a last resort, you can apply to medical schools in other countries. Many students discover that they can study medicine overseas (especially in the Caribbean) even after being rejected at home.

If you think you don't have a good chance of getting into a medical school, don't give up. Apply yourself, get the best grades possible from here on out, and explore all the options. You just might have the opportunity to study medicine after all!

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