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Maui - Beach Lover's Paradise

Information on Maui's beautiful beaches

Hawaii's island of Maui is quite simply a beach lover's paradise! Maui's coastline is 120 miles long, including over 30 miles of some of the most amazing beaches in the world. Many of Maui's beaches are beach parks complete with lifeguards and amenities such as restrooms and picnic areas.

In addition to Maui's popular, well used beaches, you will also find lots of undeveloped, pristine, and semi-private beach areas that are off the beaten path. While white sand beaches prevail, Maui also boasts exotic black and red sand beaches.

Each of Maui's magnificent beaches offers its visitors sparkling crystal-blue water, tropical trade winds, and endless blue skies.

Here is a list of the wonderful beaches that await you on Maui:

  • Kanaha Maui Beach Park

    Location: Kahului

    Features: Excellent windsurfing conditions as well as swimming, diving, and volleyball. Close to town, this beach is a popular spot for lunch and local volleyball enthusiasts. Lifeguards and amenities are available.

  • Mokapu Beach Park

    Location: Wailea

    Features: Great swimming and snorkeling. Water sports equipment is available for rental.

  • Black Rock Beach

    Location: Ka‘anapali Beach

    Features: Excellent snorkeling, swimming, and SCUBA diving. A myriad of tropical fish and coral. This is the northernmost section of Ka`anapali Beach. Very easy access to beachfront Maui hotels, shopping, and restaurants.

  • D. T. Fleming Beach Park

    Location: Kapalua

    Features: Popular with surfers and swimmers. Lifeguards and amenities.

  • Honokowai Beach Park

    Location: North of Lahaina

    Features: Excellent swimming and sunbathing. Popular with families.

  • Ka‘anapali Beach

    Location: Ka‘anapali Resort

    Features: Three miles of stunning white sand beach. Surfing and windsurfing lessons as well as sailboat and catamaran rides and rentals are available. Ka‘anapali Beach is within an easy walking distance from all Ka`anapali hotels.

  • Kapalua Beach

    Location: Kapalua Resort

    Features: Superb swimming, snorkeling ,and SCUBA diving.

  • Launiupoko Beach Park

    Location: South of Lahaina

    Features: A unique natural pool surrounded by a lava rock wall. Excellent for families with small children. Amenities are available.

  • Napili Bay

    Location: South of Kapalua

    Features: Exquisite sandy beaches and excellent swimming and snorkeling.

  • Puamana Beach County Park

    Location: Lahaina

    Features: Moderate waves provide excellent surfing for beginning and intermediate surfers and swimmers. Picnic and cookout facilities in a wonderful grassy park.

  • Wahikuli State Park

    Location: Lahaina

    Features: Calm water conditions make for excellent swimming, snorkeling, and boogie boarding. Amenities are available. Popular with the locals.

  • Kama‘ole Beach Parks I, II, and III

    Location: Kihei

    Features: Excellent swimming complete with lifeguards. Available volleyball courts and lots of easy parking.

  • Keawakapu Beach

    Location: Kihei

    Features: Some of Maui's most breathtaking views and excellent swimming.

  • Kihei Beach

    Location: Kihei

    Features: Six-miles of beautiful Kihei coastline offering a series of attractive beaches, quiet coves, and tide pools. Lifeguards and amenities are available in some locations.

  • Mai Poina ‘Oe Ia‘u Beach Park

    Location: Kihei

    Features: Excellent swimming, windsurfing, and kite-surfing. Amenities are available.

  • Makena Beach State Park

    Location: Makena

    Features: The "Big Beach" is one of Maui's signature beaches, featuring an enormous expanse of white sand. Amenities are available.

  • Maluaka Beach

    Location: Makena

    Features: Excellent swimming and snorkeling and an abundance of green sea turtles. Adjacent to the Maui Prince Hotel.

  • Polo Beach Park

    Location: Wailea

    Features: Excellent swimming, snorkeling, and amenities.

  • Ulua Beach Park

    Location: Wailea

    Features: Excellent swimming, snorkeling, and beachcombing. Popular with early morning and sunset walkers and joggers.

  • Wailea Beach

    Location: Wailea

    Features: Excellent swimming. Restrooms and equipment rentals are available. Easy access to Wailea's Maui hotels, restaurants, and shops.

  • Waihe‘e Beach

    Location: Waihe‘e

    Features: Excellent surfing. Not very crowded.

  • H. A. Baldwin Beach Park

    Location: Paia

    Features: Excellent swimming and bodysurfing. Lifeguards and amenities. A postcard-perfect Maui beach with a "protected lagoon".

  • Ho‘okipa Beach Park

    Location: Pa‘ia

    Features: A world-famous location for professional windsurfing and board surfing. Frequent surfing competitions are held at Ho'okipa. Amenities are available.

  • Hamoa Beach

    Location: Hana

    Features: Excellent swimming and bodysurfing.

  • Hana Beach Park

    Location: Hana

    Features: One of the safest swimming beaches on Maui. Popular venue for many local community events.

  • Red Sand Beach

    Location: Hana

    Features: Breathtaking volcanic red sand. Excellent swimming and snorkeling. Difficult access to the beach area. One of Maui's most beautiful beaches.

  • Wai‘anapanapa State Park

    Location: Hana

    Features: Excellent camping and cabin facilities overlook a gorgeous black-sand beach. Excellent Maui swimming and snorkeling.
You can find a list of great Maui hotels here.

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