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How To Maintain Your Garden Tools

Keep your garden tools in good condition by preventing rust

Will your garden tools be ready for service when you need them? Rust and neglect can damage your garden tools and prevent them working properly.

Here are a few tips for keeping your garden tools in good shape:

  • Make sure you thoroughly clean your equipment after each and every use.
  • Store your garden tools in a dry place and keep them off the ground.
  • Keep a dry towel in the place where you store your tools so you can dry them off before putting them away.
  • Before storing your garden tools for the winter, apply some linseed oil to the wooden handles and WD40 to the metal parts.
  • To prevent wooden handles from splintering, sand them when they get rough.
  • Sharpen your shovels with a file when they become dull.
  • Remove rust from your tools with a metal brush.

Article courtesy of ThriftyFun.com.

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