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Great Tasting Foods For Your Low Carb Diet

Stock your pantry with tasty, low carb food products!

Low carb food products are the key to a low carb diet! As the urge to overindulge is replaced by the need to shed a few extra pounds, more and more dieters are turning to a low-carbohydrate diet.

The increasingly popular low carbohydrate plans such as the Atkins diet are based on the premise that carbohydrates cause weight gain and focus food intake on protein.

As attractive as it may sound to eat steak, cheese, eggs, and other calorie-rich proteins, many dieters find it extremely challenging to bring tasty variety to their low carb menus while still sticking to the guidelines for these diets.

ďTrying new foods and different food combinations are an excellent way to keep your taste buds satisfied,Ē says Chef Patrick Finney, national culinary director of American Culinary Institute (ACI).

He also notes that since dieters are fairly limited in what they can eat, itís important to focus on the taste and flavor of the foods instead of quantity.

The chefs from the American Culinary Institute make it easy to identify the best tasting choice in just about every food category, from everyday favorites to the latest gourmet and organic products.

For over 15 years, this San Francisco-based organization of independent, professional chefs has provided shoppers with a fast, effective way to select the best tasting foods and culinary products by awarding its Best Taste Award medallion to the overall winner in each product category based on taste.

A recent study conducted by PARADE magazine confirms that flavor is still the number one criterion for Americansí food choices.

Across the board in their own restaurants, the independent judging chefs of ACI see their customers modifying their eating habits to include low-carb plans, but note that people will not sacrifice on taste with their new menu choices.

Chef Finneyís advice is to purchase the best tasting products you can buy.

Products bearing the ACI Best Taste Award have been judged superior in taste in the Instituteís rigorous and unbiased five-step judging process.

Look for the ACI Best Taste Award on food products at your local supermarket. Itís the fast and reliable way to buy the best tasting food and culinary products for your family and friends!

Here are some menu suggestions from Finney for those eating a low-carb diet, and a list of some of the best tasting low-carb food brands that earned ACIís Best Taste Awards in their respective categories.


  • Eggs are a great start to a low-carb day. Egglandís Best took ACIís top spot for the fresh eggs category. Prepare them scrambled, poached, fried, hard-boiled, or as an omelet. But donít stop with breakfast. Make some egg salad for lunch, or Asian egg drop soup for dinner.
  • Bacon, which is a no-no on low-fat diets, is a nice treat for those following the Atkins plan. If youíre in a hurry, Jimmy Dean gets the best taste rating for fully cooked heat and serve bacon, while Maple Leaf bacon is the best tasting in its category for conventional bacon strips.
Lunch and dinner:
  • For a quick and easy protein boost, add the best tasting canned tuna or salmon to your leafy green salads from Chicken of the Sea.
  • Sprinkling a few nuts and seeds on your salad is another quick way to jazz them up. Delicious Fisher Nuts, finely chopped, also add crunch, texture and protein to soups, and a surprising crunchy topping for steaks. A small handful of nuts make a great, quick snack.
  • Fish and seafood are great lean sources of protein. Fishery Products Internationalís frozen shrimp under the Mirabel label make a great quick and tasty meal, or add them to stir fry, green salads, and more.
  • Cheese gives a flavor boost to any dish. Sprinkle hard cheeses like Romano from Stella USA on soups, salads,  and side dishes for added flavor and texture.
  • Cold cuts like the best taste winner William Fischer premium deli ham make a quick snack or lunch, and are a great addition to a green salad.
  • Have convenient pre-packaged leafy green salads from Ready-Pac on hand at all times in your refrigerator for a handy meal or side dish.

    Top off your salads with the award winning dressings from Briannaís salad dressings, such as their real French vinaigrette or zesty French dressing, both low carb varieties.
Sauces and Seasonings:
  • When sticking to any low carb meal plan, variety is the spice of life. Add a small spoonful of Crystal steak sauce to enhance the flavor of your steak. You can also use a bit of it to zip up sauces and dressings as well.

    Mrs. Dash grilling blends offer a great way to boost the flavor of meats and chicken, and they make a great substitute for salt.
  • A light snack or dessert of fresh or frozen sufar-free berries, with a dollop of ACIís award winning Daisy Brand sour cream makes a delicious and satisfying treat!

Article courtesy of www.chefsbest.org.

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