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How To Lose Up To 48 Lbs Without Dieting

Lose weight the easy way!

If you think there is no easy way to lose weight - think again. The easiest weight loss method could have been staring you right in the face all this time. And here it is: stop drinking soft drinks and switch to water instead.

Dumping the soft drinks from your diet will result in dropping some serious pounds. Think about this:

  • A can of cola packs in 150 calories.
  • Just three cans of cola total 450 calories! 
Now, consider this: a cheeseburger sets gives you only 360 calories, which is less than those three cans of cola. Now, which would you rather enjoy: a tasty cheeseburger or a little sugary water from a can? 

If you currently drink three cans of soda a day, you can save 450 daily calories simply by switching to plain water. Water has zero calories. Let's do the math: one pound of fat equals 500 calories, so you will lose about one pound per week by simply forgoing soft drinks. 

Yes, heard correctly: you can lose one pound of fat each and every week while continuing to eat as much as you do now!. No dieting, no depriving yourself, and you don't have to change a thing about what you eat. The only thing you need to change is what you drink.

Now, let's do another calculation: 1 pound per week equals 4 pounds a month. Multiply 4 pounds times 12 months, and you lose 48 lbs of fat per year!

Unbelievable? Not really, just simple reality.

And calorie savings on drinks provides you with still another advantage: you can now eat more and still lose weight.

If you substituted water for three cans of soda every day, you have 450 calories to play with. If you eat an extra piece of chocolate that's has 200 calories, you still save 250 calories and lose 24 lbs each year. 

Of course you might be saying "Well, Melanie, what if I don't drink three cans of cola a day? I only drink one for lunch!" Good for you! Now, think about this: if you start drinking water for lunch, you will lose 16 pounds per year. How's that for a simple no-effort weight loss idea?

Best of all, since sodas don't fill you up, it's quite easy to do without them. Drinks are "liquid calories", "empty calories" with no nutritional value at all. All they do is make you fat and deteriorate your teeth.

So take advantage of the simplest and easiest weight loss tip on earth: eat your calories instead of drinking them.

About the author:

Melanie Mendelson is the author of the Practical Weight Loss program.

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