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Why Aren't All Of My Links Showing Up In Google?

SEO / traffic-building questions and answers


Why aren't all of my links showing up in Google? I've managed to arrange quite a few link exchanges in the past couple of months, but only a handful show up when I use the Google Link: command


I know the links are on my link partners' sites because I've checked. Why aren't they showing up and is Google giving me credit for them?

Submitted by Amy F.


There are several possible reasons why some of your links don't show up with Google's Link: command. Here are a few of them:

  • The links haven't been "spidered" and indexed by Google yet. It can take anywhere from a few weeks to a couple of months for Google to find and crawl new links. If the links are fairly new, give it a while and they'll show up eventually.
  • Your link partner(s) used a link structure that can't be crawled by a search engine robot. This includes (among others) certain types of JavaScript links and links that are stored in a database and displayed with a CGI script.

    Always ask your link partners for "static text links". Most other link types can't be crawled and indexed, so they're useless for search engine ranking purposes.
  • Google's Link: command doesn't show links from pages that are below a certain PageRank threshold, usually PR3 or lower.

    Try to get links from pages with a PageRank of PR4 or higher when possible (although any PR1+ link provides a PageRank boost to your page even if it doesn't show up with the Link: command).
The bottom line is that your links will eventually show up unless they're on pages that are PR3 and lower. Even then, they'll still give your page at least a small PR boost.

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