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The Power Of A Great “Link To Us” Page

Create a powerful Link To Us page and watch your site's traffic explode!

Inbound links are vital to your website’s success and growth. If you examine any successful website, you’ll probably discover that there are lots of external links pointing to it. Inbound links provide targeted traffic to a site in two ways:

  1. The links themselves will bring in targeted traffic (visitors/customers).
  2. Every inbound link will help boost a site’s Google PageRank and search engine rankings.
It’s very important to have a good “Link To Us” page that makes it quick and easy for other webmasters to link to your website. Here are a few tips for getting the most out of your “Link To Us” page:
  • Provide four different links to your website, each targeting a different keyword/keyphrase in the link anchor text (the “clickable” part of the link).

    This ensures that you’ll be targeting several search terms that provide multiple ways for people to “find” your site via the search engines.
  • Use a simple JavaScript to rotate the four linking options. This is critical because if you simply list the available links, the vast majority of webmasters will simply link to you using the first link in the list. This, of course, does little to help widen your site’s reach via multiple search terms.

    It is very important to rotate the links so they’re listed in a different order every time the page is loaded. That way the inbound links you receive will vary, targeting several key phrases.

    We have a great link rotation script that we’ll give you to use absolutely free (details below)! Click here to see it in action (after you click through, refresh the page and you’ll see the order of the links change).
  • After you have created your “Link To Us" page, upload it to your web server and place a link to it in a prominent location on your home page, or even better, on every page of your site.

    Many webmasters will visit your website, decide that it will make a valuable resource for their users, and link to it.

    This is also a great way to make handling reciprocal link exchanges easier. Instead of sending your potential link partners a list of your linking options every time, simply send them the URL of your "Link To Us" page!
In summary, a high-quality “Link To Us” page will make it easy for other webmasters to link to your website. Create one today and start building an ever increasing flow of targeted traffic to your site!

To receive your very own link rotation script (absolutely free), with your website URL and four different links. Be sure to use the four most important search terms that you wish to target in the link anchor text (the “clickable” part of the link). You can refer to our "Link To Us" page as a guide.

We’ll customize the script with your four links and email it to you. You can place it on your “Link To Us” page and start exploding your traffic right away!

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