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Lemon Laws: Protection Against Defective Products

How Lemon Laws protect your rights when you buy a defective item

Have you recently purchased an automobile that has a persistent problem? Perhaps you have placed it in the shop three or four times since you have had it? If so, you have bought a "lemon". Well, you don't have to be "stuck" with it!

All fifty states have enacted lemon laws that ensure that you won't have to pay for a car that simply cannot be fixed. In addition, the federal government has enacted the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act which provides an "implied warranty" for all products that cost over $25.

Lemon Laws vary a bit from state to state, but their purpose is the same: if your car cannot be brought into compliance with the warranty after a certain number of repair attempts, the dealer must exchange it for a new one.

Also, many companies that sell consumer products have their own version of a "lemon law" in place. Most major computer retailers, for example, will replace your under-warranty PC if they have to fix it three or four times under the warranty.

If you have purchased a lemon and the seller refuses to make it right, it might be worth your while to consult an attorney. You don't want to end up making payments on a major purchase that is constantly having problems, especially after the warranty has expired!

Make sure the Lemon Laws work for you!

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