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Top 10 Lawn Care Questions

Questions and answers about lawn care

We receive many questions about lawn care. Here are the 10 lawn care questions that are asked most often:

  1. My dog causes damage to my lawn. What can I do about it?

    Unfortunately there is no quick, easy fix for brown spots caused by dog urine. But heavy watering and baking soda can help to avoid this damage in the future.

    Watering helps to dilute the concentration of nitrogen in your yard, and using a full watering can mixed with baking soda can help you neutralize the area.
  2. How do I deal with those pesky mushrooms?

    There are no retail chemical treatments available to help control mushrooms or toadstools, but there are some temporary options available.

    You can attempt to dig up the decaying organic matter from which the mushrooms are growing. Another option is to get rid of the mushrooms with a lawn mower or rake and wait out the problem (the buried organic matter will finally go away).
  3. How do I rid my lawn of moss?

    Your best defense against moss is a healthy lawn. Make sure you keep your lawn properly watered and fertilized. But once moss is actively growing in your lawn, you can purchase chemicals that will get rid of it.
  4. What is the most effective way to get rid of ground ivy?

    Ground ivy control is most effective in the early spring, before the plants have grown very much. Rake and mow your lawn early in the season. You can remove creeping Charlie's rooting stems from your lawn with a rake.

    After raking, mow your lawn at a low setting, then rake up and dispose of the stems (they will often re-root). Another way to rid your lawn of creeping Charlie is through the use of weed control chemicals.
  5. My lawn is overrun with crabgrass. What can I do about it?

    A dense lawn is much better able to resist a crabgrass invasion, so be sure to properly fertilize and water your lawn. Mowing your lawn with a high setting also discourages the growth of crabgrass.

    You can also try herbicides that are specially formulated to control the crabgrass in your yard.
  6. How often should I fertilize my lawn?

    Most lawns should be fertilized two or three times per year. Begin fertilizing with your first mowing and stop when the grass has finished growing for the year.
  7. Why is lime good for my lawn, and how often do I need to apply it?

    Adding lime to a lawn helps adjust the soil's pH level, which affects the grass? ability to absorb the nutrients necessary to grow properly. Your soil's pH level should range between 5.5 and 7.5.

    You should add lime if your lawn's pH level is below the desired range. Typically, lime is added to a lawn just once or twice each growing season.
  8. How do I rid my lawn of grubs?

    The easiest way is to use a lawn insecticide, which should be applied between July and September since this is when grubs are most susceptible to insect controls.
  9. What are the benefits of a mulching lawn mower?

    Mulching lawn mowers return grass clippings to your lawn which provides many benefits:
    • The clippings serve as an excellent fertilizer and help retain needed moisture, giving you a much healthier lawn.
    • You?ll save time because you won?t have to stop to empty the lawn mower bag and you won't need to fertilize your lawn as often.
    • You?ll save lots of money on both grass clippings disposal and fertilizer costs.
    If you mow on a regular basis, a mulching lawnmower would be very beneficial to your lawn.
  10. When should I water my lawn and how often should I do it?

    The typical lawn requires about one inch of water per week. The best time to water is early morning. Watering at night puts your lawn at risk for developing mildew and fungi.
These questions are asked very frequently. Maybe you have been wanting to ask one of them yourself!

About the author:

Yardcare.com is an excellent online resource where homeowners can find answers to all of their lawn and garden questions. They are dedicated to providing expert advice and tips that make your lawn all that it can be.

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