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How To Be Successful In Life

The real key to peace of mind, happiness, and success

Do you know the secret that allowed each and every one of the world's wealthiest people to become successful?

Amazingly though, even if you read all their books, attend their speeches, or even ask them in person, you'll probably never discover the one true secret of their success.

Why? Because they probably don't even know the secret themselves!

They're too caught up in what they do each day - in being successful! They may be totally unaware of why almost everything they're involved in becomes a success.

Would you like to know their secret? Then listen very closely...

All truly successful people live in alignment with their passions... They're fulfilling their purpose in life... They're living their own dreams!

The famous theologian William Barclay once said, "There are two great days in a person's life: the day we are born and the day we discover why."

Most people, regardless of religion or a lack of religion, instinctively feel that there's a higher purpose to life, and that if they could determine their mission in life they'd be much happier and more satisfied.

Once you start to follow your passions and mission in life, the universe seems to start helping you achieve your goals, often by presenting startling and exciting opportunities for you.

In a recent interview with Chris and Janet Attwood, they revealed a remarkable tool that'll help you quickly determine your purpose in life: The Passion Test. This simple test is a series of probing questions that you ask yourself, will quickly help you identify your top passions, what's really important in your life.

According to Janet, "The #1 reason people don't get what they want is... they don't know what they want!"

Once you discover your passions and align your life with them, success comes quickly and automatically.

What's even more startling, she found that every single highly successful person who's taken the test (Mark Victor Hansen, Jack Canfield, T. Harv Eker, Dan Poynter, to name a few) already are accomplishing their top passions.

Undoubtedly, knowing your passions speeds up the path to success. Most importantly, she also revealed ways to help you realign your life to help you follow those passions.

The one key ingredient in reaching any goal or accomplishment is that you must totally love and enjoy whatever you are wanting to appear in your life. It has to be your dream, not someone else's.

Do you really want a million dollars or would you rather have someone to love and be loved back?

Do you want that mansion or would you rather travel and not be tied down to any geographic location?

Only you can decide...

After taking the test, I was profoundly changed in the way I view my life. For me, I discovered that my number one passion is gaining dynamic health, my number two passion is improving myself,
and three is mastering the guitar.

I realize now that I've put those desires on the back burner while I worked totally on survival goals (you know, making money and dealing with life's obstacles).

With that in mind, it's clear to me that I've missed out on a lot of joys that accomplishments in those areas would have brought me. So I have a lot of work ahead of me to bring my life back
into alignment with my most important passions ...

What about you? You owe it to yourself to discover your passions. It'll help you to become a success in all areas of your life.

About the Author:

Rick Miller is a Certified Master of Web Copywriting and co-founder of List Crusade.

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